The Final Game – Saturday, 21st August

The last game of the season…  against Lane Cove Blues and what a great game the boys had!  There was even a film crew there to capture the game which will be shown on the Disney Channel later in the year. So not only will we have great players amongst us, but TV stars too!!

I think the boys have done so well this season, I’m sure we’ll all very proud of our kids!  For most it’s been their first experience of playing junior rugby and also a full club team sport.  They started not knowing what to do and which way to run and now there’s no stopping them.  They’ve all had a great time and have enjoyed lots of fun.  Here’s to the 2011 season!!!


More Rugby Action…. come on Whales!!!!

Our Whales have done so well this season despite the terrible weather messing up numerous training sessions and making our boys miss out on countless games.  It’s been a very wet and soggy 2010 season but here are a few more great action shots of our rugby heros doing what they do best……  playing great U6 rugby for Mosman!

The Whales vs Lindfield – 19th June 2010

A gorgeous sunny morning – a great day to play rugby!  The boys were happy and excited to play and Lindfield were a great team…  they even had a girl player and yes boys, she was VERY quick!  Below are a selection of photos – thanks to Sandie for contributing so many of them.  There were lots of great ones so it was hard to narrow them down!

Mosman U6 Whales vs Mosman U6 Dolphins

After a few very wet weeks and the Balmoral Oval being closed, our boys managed to have a game against the Mosman Dolphins.  It was a fun game with both teams playing really well.  I think the best part for some of the boys was the fact that their kits actually got proper rugby mud on them…  just like “real rugby players”!  We got some good action photos and there’s a few of little Jack with his muddy hands which he seemed to be absolutely delighted about!!!   Enjoy….

Some photos of the boys – match against St Ives on 15th May

Many thanks to Sandie for sharing her photos with us.  Here are a selection of the boys in action!

(We were quite a few players down for this match due to illness)

Two new team members…

The Mosman Whales have two new team members – a big welcome to Hunter no. 11 and Sam no. 14.

They both showed great promise at their first training session last Thursday but were unfortunately unable to show us all their team abilities as the match scheduled for Sunday, 23rd May got rained off.  Here’s hoping the weather improves for a great game this coming weekend.

Fingers crossed!


Hi everyone

Welcome to our mighty Mosman Whales U6 team blog!  This is still a bit of a work in progress, with more updates and photos to be loaded soon.  Hope you enjoy what is posted currently and any feedback, comments and additions you want to make would be gratefully received.  Many thanks to Mandy for helping getting this blog started!

And here’s to all the team for doing so well.  We have a team of quick learners and I’m sure their confidence and enjoyment for the great game will continue to grow as we venture further into the season!

Sabine (team blogger!!)  🙂